Welcome to
Hartland Day Academy!

A program aimed at the harmonious development of spiritual, mental, physical, and social faculties.


HDA welcomes (grades K to 12) students seeking character-building education and a chance to witness for Christ.


Well-rounded education for students, including core subjects, agriculture, Bible and vocational training classes.

Vocational Development

Learning practical work skills and developing a Christian work ethic that includes habits of dependability and discipline.

Hartland Day Academy is nestled in the beautiful
Piedmont Valley of Virginia.

Our Mission

To inspire and impact each student to love Jesus Christ and prepare him/her to be God’s representative in sharing the good news of the Gospel with the World.

Our Vision

To provide a comprehensive education to children of Seventh-day Adventist members residing in the community in and around Hartland Institute, at the elementary and secondary levels accordingly, based on the principles of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy

Practical Training Areas:

  • Autoshop
  • Industrial Kitchen
  • Plant Services
  • Yearbook Staff
  • Media
  • Farm